Barbies rewards card terms and conditions of use

The cardholder agrees to the following terms and conditions:

This card is not a credit/debit card. The Barbies Rewards card is the sole property of the Barbies franchise. Using this card allows you to accumulate and/or redeem Barbies Dollar rewards on any purchase made at any of our Barbies locations. The Barbies dollars linked to this card are traded via a virtual client account linked exclusively to this card. No account can be negative. Barbies dollars are non-redeemable and non-transferable. The card is activated and ready for immediate use upon joining. The Barbies franchise network is not responsible for fraudulent use or lost or stolen cards.
The loss or theft of a card must be reported to Barbies Group Customer Service at 450 444-5959 ext.: 211 or via email at

Please note that the Barbies franchise network reserves the right to automatically cancel, without prior notice, any card that has been inactive for 18 months or more. No refund or compensation will be issued on the unused balance of the card or on the balance of a cancelled, lost or stolen card. In the event of a conflict between the information on the website and any other media broadcaster or information document, the website shall prevail.

Any claim by the holder of a purchased card will be limited to the amount of the available balance or related account. By using the Barbies Rewards card, the cardholder hereby waives all claims for damages in excess of the available balance, including, without limitation, all claims for direct or indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary and/or punitive damages.

This card may not be used for take-out or delivery orders (dine-in only transactions).
This card may not be used with third-party delivery or take-out orders (UEAT, SKIP, DOORDASH, etc.)

Barbies may change these terms and conditions and all aspects of the Program without notice and reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time.